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This is intended to be a gift for someone who is nervous and showing symptoms. This was to lighten the mood a bit and be silly in a precarious situation
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safe1556169 artist:amura-of-jupiter219 oc594144 oc only404362 oc:cure wounds2 oc:guttatus33 bat pony42407 pony827360 unicorn257904 amber eyes64 bat wings5175 bed35539 blanket4610 blue eyes3710 butt24938 cabinet164 clothes401414 commission49917 coronavirus677 covid-19675 crossdressing8499 curtains1554 cute173393 cute little fangs1670 dialogue58910 fangs21592 hat74687 heart beat1 hospital1392 hospital bed351 impersonating87 indoors1767 iv drip45 male299295 mask5275 medical36 membranous wings126 nurse hat479 nurse outfit684 oxygen14 pillow15050 ppe100 pulseoxy1 scared9128 sick1679 signature18273 skirt35034 slit eyes3966 surgical mask173 surprised7913 talking4139 temperature5 text49872 under the covers230 unwell1 virus96 wheel428 wing hold324 wings72130


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