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Twilight's Kingdom
safe (1520710) artist:jargon scott (1984) princess celestia (87513) twilight sparkle (273919) alicorn (183364) pony (795312) unicorn (242082) castle (1571) coronavirus (239) dialogue (56442) female (844812) glowing horn (15361) gun (13498) high res (19537) hoarding (5) horn (35752) magic (62431) mare (385947) paper crown (58) pure unfiltered evil (1560) squatpony (119) telekinesis (23125) toilet (1378) toilet paper (294) twibitch sparkle (173) twiggie (228) unicorn twilight (9975) weapon (25447)


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33 comments posted
Background Pony #FB87
Next, draw Twiggie trying to return all those TP but Costco won't take returns with smug Celestia
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Rice pone
Who needs new episodes when we have pop culture memes and the brilliant* minds of Pony-Berserker, TJPones, and Jargon Scott.

*May not actually be considered brilliant by some
Background Pony #71A6
So… is there anything stopping anyone from sneaking up to the base of the castle and just pulling out a roll?