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safe1690982 screencap220355 applejack168599 fluttershy211056 pinkie pie214751 rainbow dash232252 rarity180440 sci-twi23993 sunset shimmer62350 twilight sparkle298596 cheer you on296 equestria girls198221 equestria girls series32562 official7491 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13975 applejack's hat7013 boots21446 bowtie9983 clothes453900 converse5594 cowboy boots1422 cowboy hat15448 eyes closed91719 geode of empathy3054 geode of fauna1813 geode of shielding2185 geode of sugar bombs2024 geode of super speed2424 geode of super strength2136 geode of telekinesis2912 glasses60987 hairpin1681 hat85560 high heels10980 hoodie13922 humane five3321 humane seven2472 humane six3149 jacket12330 leather1093 leather jacket3209 magical geodes8739 open mouth142605 ponytail17603 sandals4206 shoes35704 tanktop7561 transformation10624 transformation sequence897


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