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safe1680582 screencap219064 applejack167836 fluttershy210010 pinkie pie213767 rainbow dash231165 rarity179534 sci-twi23784 sunset shimmer61900 twilight sparkle297224 cheer you on291 equestria girls196824 equestria girls series32356 official7453 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13895 applejack's hat6869 boots21256 bowtie9882 clothes450249 converse5558 cowboy boots1409 cowboy hat15250 eyes closed90480 geode of empathy3009 geode of fauna1788 geode of shielding2164 geode of sugar bombs1976 geode of super speed2398 geode of super strength2103 geode of telekinesis2882 glasses60425 hairpin1607 hat84694 high heels10829 hoodie13810 humane five3266 humane seven2440 humane six3104 jacket12208 leather1078 leather jacket3184 magical geodes8732 open mouth140717 ponytail17415 sandals4179 shoes35283 tanktop7501 transformation10496 transformation sequence858


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