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safe1657895 artist:kkmrarar198 angel bunny9658 applejack165886 fluttershy207456 pinkie pie211422 princess celestia93068 rainbow dash228378 rarity177497 spike77232 twilight sparkle294076 alicorn215091 bird7785 earth pony231254 pegasus273070 pony922223 unicorn303668 magical mystery cure2257 a true true friend86 apple15715 big crown thingy2303 cauldron1101 clothes442146 cloud29390 colored pupils9226 coronation dress674 crown15916 cute192459 cutie mark45408 dress42859 element of generosity814 element of honesty816 element of kindness881 element of laughter820 element of loyalty985 element of magic2157 elements of harmony2421 eyes closed88253 food67169 groucho mask253 jewelry58893 mane six31128 open mouth137186 pinkamena diane pie18786 princess celestia's special princess making dimension162 regalia18667 scene interpretation8308 swapped cutie marks702 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121030 unicorn twilight15995


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