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safe1675935 artist:kkmrarar198 angel bunny9744 applejack167397 fluttershy209487 pinkie pie213286 princess celestia93783 rainbow dash230504 rarity179090 spike77821 twilight sparkle296626 alicorn218603 bird7971 earth pony237624 pegasus280152 pony938664 unicorn310950 magical mystery cure2312 a true true friend87 apple15882 big crown thingy2327 cauldron1109 clothes448686 cloud29866 colored pupils9387 coronation dress682 crown16214 cute195267 cutie mark46546 dress43477 element of generosity831 element of honesty834 element of kindness900 element of laughter836 element of loyalty1002 element of magic2198 elements of harmony2436 eyes closed90038 food68219 groucho mask257 jewelry60675 mane six31444 open mouth140065 pinkamena diane pie18903 princess celestia's special princess making dimension165 regalia19042 scene interpretation8406 swapped cutie marks704 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122104 unicorn twilight16576


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