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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “Spice Of Life″



safe1554659 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends839 dj pon-327895 octavia melody22057 spike74181 vinyl scratch31990 dragon46549 earth pony190212 pony825886 unicorn257031 comic:adorkable twilight and friends723 adorkable3003 adorkable friends295 blurred background490 bowtie8397 burning534 butt24676 chili pepper18 comic99883 competition209 cute173545 dork3245 feet33820 friendship1058 heat115 hot sauce97 humor863 jar906 lying down9187 misspelling2131 newspaper1533 peppers11 plot70436 raised leg6507 screaming2885 shocked5590 silly6960 splash306 surprised7896 tavi32 water11025


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Background Pony #F47B
How much water is needed to neutralize such hot peppers? Would they be willing to drink so much?
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Octavia probably eats so much spicy food that the pain receptors of her tongue have been Thanos'd away and she is no longer capable of detecting capsaicin
Background Pony #7E1C
One of the owners of one of my local pizza places was so proud of the "super-amazing hot sauce" he invented… called it Satan's Jack Strap or something stupid like that. He invited a profession hot-food critic to come try it. Guy eats a whole plate of wings covered with the stuff and then asks for a desert menu. The employees said that the owner went in the back and started crying from embarrassment.
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Possible Biosyn spy
If Spike and Vinyl really have such a running competition then one of them could easily win it. All they would need to do is regularly eat spicy stuff on their own and they would build the necessary tolerance.