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Note: A gift for Harakiri
Follow-up to this:(
Here's the story (2/2):

Sadly, twilight failed to free herself from the strong glue holding her to the toilet. Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened, because she forgot to lock the door
"Spike can you help me, I'm stuck on the toilet" but it wasn't Spike, twilight then saw the a plate of broccoli with a paper being pushed to her, she grabbed the paper and read what's written on it
(if you wanna be free from the toilet, you have to eat the broccoli and enjoy the ride)
Twilight wanting to be free, started eating the broccoli.

When she finished eating, she felt a loud and painful growl coming from her stomach, she pushed away the plate and let out a large amount of diarrhea from her butt.
She grunted and moaned as the diarrhea was bursting violently from her butt.
While she was moaning, she didn't noticed that there was a camera recording her, from the door.

Few Minutes later, Twilight's diarrhea finally finished, she was very exhausted so exhausted she didn't saw that, the person stopped recording and quickly got in, separated her butt from the glue holding her on the toilet and quickly left.
Twilight was happy to get up from the toilet, she almost left the bathroom because she had to wipe her butt from the diarrhea and so she did, flushed the toilet and washed her hands and the butt from the glue and she left the bathroom.
suggestive126507 artist:unknownface2416 twilight sparkle280175 anthro226578 plantigrade anthro26281 3d61248 black underwear3258 bra13853 breasts235641 but why463 clothes402378 diarrhea194 exhausted390 fetish34412 implied laxative1 panties45557 panties around legs2170 panties pulled down3464 pooping1621 solo961526 toilet1445 toilet paper322 tongue out88880 underwear54543


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