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Rainbow Dash is made to go around barefoot and she certainly doesn't like all the attention her stained soles are getting~ She ain't living this down anytime soon, not that anyone's gonna let her.

A doodle commission the likes of which you can get access to on the FetishSketches server. Doodles like this one aren't usually posted elsewhere so consider this an ad!

See the source for a link.
suggestive135459 artist:fetishsketches716 rainbow dash226738 anthro246124 plantigrade anthro30038 background pony9795 background pony audience354 barefoot26284 barefooting42 blushing186740 breasts261428 cafe519 colored18558 dirty feet231 embarrassed10791 feet37595 fetish37616 foot fetish7307 foot focus2490 humiliation2054 sketch60081 soles3997 toe ring559


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