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Another VA meme thingy! I'm having a bit too much fun with these, but this is actually going to be the last one for a while cuz I'm running out of characters so I'll wait until I have about 5 more to show.

Scorpan/Moses — Before anyone says, yes, I am fully aware that poor Val Kilmer is no longer himself due to a very unfortunate case of throat cancer, but the voice he did for Moses in "The Prince of Egypt" (best animated film ever) is too perfect! I could see Scorpan and Tirek having the same brotherly dynamic that Moses and Ramses have so that's what inspired me. Scorpan strikes me as a character who is very soft-spoken and down-to-earth, but can have a very authoritative voice when needed, so Moses's voice in that movie was a very good pick. I'm just picturing him leaving Tirek in Tartarus saying "Goodbye, brother" right now.

Sendak/Seti — I actually thought of putting in Michael York for Sendak, but it didn't seem fitting enough, so I went with something far more evil and iconic like Pharaoh Seti from "The Prince of Egypt" being voiced by the legendary Patrick Stewart. Although his time in the film was short, he did amazing as Seti and that voice is perfect for Sendak. It would get a bit lower and angry-sounding as he gets bigger, kind of like Tirek's did, and it would sound horrifying to anyone encountering this giant demon centaur!

Eris — I was a bit iffy about this one, but I have used Ellen McLain in my old VA meme for Queen Chernalia because she's an opera singer, but I think the GLaDOS voice would come in a bit handier for Eris. I can also picture Eris having a younger-sounding, sassy voice, but GLaDOS without the autotune filter and a bit more of some laughter going on at the same time would be really good. If Ellen ever did a "Rule 63" version of Discord, that is probably exactly what it should sound like. XD

General Scutellum/Dinobot — What a time to be talking about the illustrious Scott McNeil when he's just been announced to be attending his first ever Brony Convention! twitter.com/EverfreeNW/status/… This guy has some incredible range with voices and he did 4 different characters in Beast Wars! Dinobot, Waspinator, Silverbolt, and Rattrap! The Dinobot voice is a perfect villainous and nasty-sounding voice that I think fits Scutellum, albeit with probably fewer snarls.

Elytra — This one wasn't too difficult to decide on what voice she'd have, and it didn't take me long before I decided that Michelle Ruff's voice is good enough. Michelle does a great young woman accent in Gurren Lagann as Yoko (my waifu) and I picture Elytra having that voice.

And with that, I'll see you guys again with another VA meme much later. I hope you enjoyed these and that it gives you a good idea of what the characters voices and personalities are like! :)
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