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safe1901035 artist:cleoziep93 applejack183678 fluttershy231655 pinkie pie233134 rainbow dash253375 rarity198018 twilight sparkle324787 alicorn261010 earth pony330954 pegasus374686 pony1248599 unicorn411967 the last problem6880 abstract background19475 absurd resolution70035 candy8014 candy in hair20 clothes533844 colored pupils11534 cowboy hat20642 crown22856 cute225728 ear fluff38942 eyes closed113325 female1537935 flying44600 food82603 grey hair339 group4797 happy36292 hat102749 hoof shoes7015 jacket15300 jewelry84202 mane six34477 mare578882 older32408 older applejack877 older fluttershy855 older mane six418 older pinkie pie832 older rainbow dash1022 older rarity831 older twilight2428 one eye closed37869 open mouth183903 peytral4529 raised hoof56551 regalia27089 rubber duck619 scarf26804 smiling309752 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134786 wink28586


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Background Pony #444B
Rarity being like “Yeah I’m still just as gorgeous and you know it.”