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One of my favourite ships in the series easily, its a bit out of left field but it just resonates with me. I wanted to make this not only because I love Trouble and flutters but I also wanted to illustrate how I Head-canon the sizes of ponies to be compared to horses.

I scale Trouble to be 18Hands High at the withers which is average for Shire horses and fluttershy to be 12Hands High, who I imagine to be tall for a mare of her species. Ive always pictured the average ponies we see in the show to range from 11-13HH with Luna as we see her at the end of the show being 14HH and Celestia and Chrysalis being 15HH.
I plan to do a full size comparison chart in the near future as well as solidify my Head-canons for all characters and species in the show.
I should probably note that Trouble is meant to be a clydesdale but I felt it somewhat amusing to make him a Shire since his last name is clyde and also I have a huge affinity for Shires as I own one who goes by the name of StanleyLove.
In my universe interbreeding betwen ponies and shires/clydesdales/zebras/draconequss ect ect is a relitivley new and socially acceptable thing. Breeds like the shire were misunderstood and often stood as 'myths' within traditional culture (the pony equivalent of BigFoot, or more aptly BigHoof).
I didnt give Trouble his Cutie mark as I imagine him to be a pure Shire with no 'Pony' in his lineage :)
safe1555505 artist:jessopal6 fluttershy195773 trouble shoes1047 troubleshoes clyde1 earth pony190477 pegasus232451 pony826670 colored wings4927 colored wingtips1516 crack shipping3466 eye contact6101 female879630 hoers2945 large wings1458 long mane2822 looking at each other15775 male299088 mare404309 missing cutie mark3811 shipping181556 size difference12289 stallion90358 straight120102 troubleshy11 unshorn fetlocks21638 wings71945


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