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Everyone takes the current situation different..
safe1805527 artist:duop-qoub518 spike82275 twilight sparkle312837 alicorn242753 dragon61626 descended twilight182 bags under eyes2156 betrayal541 book35669 chest fluff44399 clothes497022 comic114589 dialogue70916 female1451084 glowing horn21632 horn87628 leaning back541 magic78153 male406126 mare527973 quarantine86 shirt27593 sweater15602 telekinesis29965 this will end in death2676 this will not end well1832 toilet paper466 twilight sparkle (alicorn)129215 winged spike8781 wings135678 woonoggles638 writing1255


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Background Pony #DEB9
To be fair, not being with her friends is a usual thing for Descended Twilight, but usually for quite a different reason.
Background Pony #DEB9
No. Cannibalism is defined as eating the flesh of one’s own species, so sapience doesn’t factor into it at all. However, in a society wherein multiple sapient species coexist, I would imagine that eating the flesh of other sapient species would probably be frowned upon in a similar manner to cannibalism, though perhaps to a slightly lesser extent.
Background Pony #1180
can you imagine descended twilight merging with twiggie or even sparkle the wonder horse?!