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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Luna takes an unexpected turn in the dream space. Although creative minds tend to lend themselves to intricate dreams… it occasionally catches the Princess of the Night off-guard, especially from our most well know source of randomness!

First time creating a surreal scene, but it turned out well! It was quite a change in pace just throwing together a mix of things together in a nonsensical manner and having fun with it. I really got to toy with some different lighting and set up. The portal was quite a challenge to work in, as I didn't have a model I could put in. I ended up simulating all the lights and glowing effects of it and editing it in later in post, which took quite some effort. However, it was worth the work! I also worked on editing a separate ambient occlusion layer to enhance shadows and reduce them when needed. I spend some more time editing fine details to balance color, lightness, contrast on individual pieces. Overall, I'm quite happy with how this turned out and it feel like I'm getting the hang of it! I look forward to doing some more surreal projects in the future! Let me know what you think or if your have any critiques you would like to make!
suggestive126300 artist:epsilonwolf34 pinkie pie201447 princess luna93163 alicorn191166 anthro226132 cat5155 earth pony190735 plantigrade anthro26210 3d61045 absolute cleavage2699 armpits41234 bed35539 breasts235071 busty princess luna5937 cleavage30363 clothes401414 collar28186 crown13519 dream2375 dream sequence26 dress38958 eye cover9 female880442 females only10753 galaxy533 gun14383 high heels9181 horn40575 jewelry49146 m1453 mal02 midriff18007 nexgen380 odst37 panties45458 portal1718 printer40 regalia15743 scp-14712 shirt20612 shoes29025 sleep mask213 sleeping21350 solo959843 source filmmaker36737 spaceship696 spread wings46823 stockings28211 surprised7913 surreal954 thigh highs27668 underboob3485 underwear54395 weapon26743 wings72130


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