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suggestive126394 artist:physicrodrigo182 sunset shimmer56759 anthro226402 big cat772 digitigrade anthro1298 tiger288 equestria girls177658 armlet181 barbie doll anatomy1486 belly button66254 blue background3875 boots18765 breasts235450 busty sunset shimmer4442 caulifla17 claws4497 clothes402046 commission50091 cosplay26444 costume24454 disappearing clothes55 dragon ball super413 fangs21624 featureless breasts2180 featureless crotch6013 female881518 fist449 high res20864 human to anthro604 midriff18011 nudity328876 open mouth120679 pants11899 part of a series2144 part of a set9264 percentage6 raised hand44 ripping clothes549 shocked expression514 shoes29507 simple background338593 smiling210802 solo960791 solo female166875 story in the source1670 surprised7920 transformation9590 transformation sequence775 tube top505 wide eyes16038 wristband2979


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #546D
I asked myself "Why did her clothes dissolve?" So I looked at the source.

The growth spurt, combined with the acidic properties of Equestrian Magic, start ripping her clothes and make them dissapear.
… I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't that.