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safe1556151 screencap195288 doctor whooves9990 golden crust127 linky1313 princess celestia89065 princess luna93163 shoeshine1431 time turner9975 twilight sparkle279906 alicorn191164 earth pony190730 pony827345 unicorn257899 the summer sun setback1012 announcement158 crowd864 crown13519 ethereal mane6267 ethereal tail143 female880433 festival of the two sisters2 flowing mane898 flowing tail116 folded wings4391 glowing horn16189 grin32227 hoof shoes3910 horn40570 jewelry49141 levitation10331 magic64561 magic aura2774 male299286 mare404630 microphone4411 multicolored mane958 multicolored tail865 open mouth120503 pointing3623 raised hoof38050 regalia15743 royal sisters3749 siblings5680 sisters7027 smiling210042 speakers634 speech3147 stage2642 stallion90437 sunrise996 surprised7913 telekinesis24119 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113790 wide eyes16027


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