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Fluttershy voiced by https://fifteen.ai/
suggestive149932 artist:the weaver1751 edit137605 discord32060 fluttershy218759 princess celestia97210 alicorn235603 draconequus13102 earth pony273132 pegasus315294 pony1026751 4chan6644 aivo181 alternate scenario330 animated101748 aren't you going to ravish me?25 avo178 bedroom eyes62062 blushing206906 comic dub124 dialogue68825 female1415997 fifteen.ai389 flutterstalker102 mare509558 no pupils4269 rape fantasy7 sluttershy1092 sound9703 the pony machine learning project93 thousand yard stare708 weaver you magnificent bastard118 webm14753 wingless4661


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You admitted to preferring a redraw over the original, an original by The Weaver, no less.
One of the finest drawfags to have ever graced 4chan, and you have the audacity to snub him in favor of a mere imitation.
I shudder to think of what other masterpieces of art you’ve no doubt decided are beneath your boorish sensibilities, you uncouth simpleton.
Away with you!
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skeleton spooky boo
I got excited, I thought Discord’s voice was available for the AI. I had so many plans in the moment before I checked.