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safe1575255 artist:jphyperx59 applejack158843 fizzlepop berrytwist8612 fluttershy197766 maud pie11858 pinkie pie203222 rainbow dash219354 rarity169698 spike74828 starlight glimmer43864 sunburst5819 sunset shimmer57602 tempest shadow15365 trixie62135 twilight sparkle282674 oc604774 alicorn195246 dragon48152 earth pony198894 pegasus239508 pony845532 unicorn266052 fanfic:starlight glimmer and the runekeepers2 the last problem4144 aquarius118 aries97 cancer (horoscope)132 canterlot5005 capricorn124 cover2749 cover art1049 fanfic art13047 gemini100 horoscope134 jewelry50901 leo141 libra132 mane seven5898 mane six29446 mountain4436 pendant1645 pisces92 princess twilight 2.01616 sagittarius86 scorpio139 taurus106 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115184 virgo97 winged spike7137 zodiac722 zodiac sign12


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