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It's been 3 years since the last one of this kind. Been wanting to do an overly regal complex convoluted weird dress designing painting for a while. Let it also be the case I've been meaning to get some Celestia painting for potentially new print. Initially I had pony form in mind, but that was before I merged the ideas.

This is loosely following up my previous two Fit for Apples and A Rare Fit
But those were 3 years ago and things have changed a bit. So part of the challenge was seeing how things have changed beyond my control and how much control I still have on making it match. I did adjust the design philosophy a bit, mainly in the gold use. Playing around, just brush brush.

While not as much time spend as the Applejack, it's almost on point with hours as the Rarity. But still differences.

Either way, had to keep the windows. Wouldn't be my complex dress aesthetic without it. Once you have so much money you just end up with less dress.
Approx Time: ~18 hours
Photoshop CC

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