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Don't use that much soap guys, I just made this animation on loop lol
safe1638481 artist:sugar morning1277 oc642406 oc only426561 oc:sugar morning433 pegasus265653 pony904149 animated95258 bipedal32500 bubble4729 coronavirus791 covid-19750 cute189516 faucet111 female1304331 mare449294 ocbetes4671 public service announcement221 simple background370470 sink475 soap683 solo1019404 text54993 toothbrush744 toothpaste243 transparent background192429 washing295


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Op drama queen
I have terrible news friends; it seems a vaccine or cure alone will not solve all our problems.

The truth is; only public health, medical reforms, bills and medical infrastructure can truly beat this pandemic.

It's not as simple as bam; here's the cure.

This means this epidemic could drag on for years.