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Seems Nova hasn’t gotten any rest while waiting for Mocha so she’s even more on edge. this is part of the series commissioned by Bloodknight  
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safe1945476 artist:novaspark1873 oc822847 oc only605555 oc:mocha glaze84 oc:morpha61 oc:nova spark498 earth pony350434 goo2019 goo pony2115 monster pony4228 original species31061 pony1295235 tatzlpony1655 comic:working for a mad mare27 :t4186 angry32193 bags under eyes2479 clothes549416 comic122387 cross-popping veins2214 dialogue78597 double tail75 ear fluff40496 ears back1995 earth pony oc17739 eye contact7274 eyes closed117997 fangs32440 female1578848 floppy ears63465 furious388 glasses75931 glowing11425 glowing horn24758 gritted teeth16170 high res83893 hooves22292 horn112517 indoors4947 lab coat2550 lidded eyes38087 looking at each other26897 looking at someone6475 lying down31293 magic85132 male450383 multiple tails226 onomatopoeia6226 open mouth193022 open smile14913 prone30410 raised hoof58607 shading2805 signature34175 slime2324 smiling323379 speech bubble30992 stallion145492 swirly eyes2791 tail61982 teeth14576 telekinesis33489 thinking2308 thought bubble4316 tired3756 unshorn fetlocks34975 wall of tags5250 wavy mouth4681


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I do really, really love how Nova really does have that scientist mentality. She wants to know everything about the world that she can. I hope you won’t water it down too much.