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I can finally post my work for mlp l'amour zine Q^Q
my favorite mlp shipping c":

#mlp #MLPFiM #pony #derpy #doctorhooves
safe1556199 artist:mirtash305 derpy hooves47924 doctor whooves9990 time turner9975 earth pony190742 pegasus232696 pony827380 aurora borealis407 chest fluff31555 doctorderpy1393 female880463 floppy ears45952 male299309 mare404643 moon20707 night22224 shipping181591 shooting star837 sitting53858 stallion90444 straight120173


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Background Pony #0C5C
Aren’t these two siblings? I thought I read something about it from a script that was released where he calls her his sister. Sorry if I’m wrong I’m pretty new to the fandom