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The eighteenth entry of the Adult Education series, and the final entry of Volume 3, featuring my favorite MLP MILF, Twilight Velvet!

Her subject: Erotic (C)Literature

Volume 4 of Adult Education will begin in June! $5 Patrons can vote to decide Volume 4's classes!

suggestive145531 artist:sketchybug344 twilight velvet4377 unicorn332569 anthro264780 series:adult education30 book33944 bra16193 breasts283583 busty twilight velvet816 chalkboard2862 cleavage35134 clothes467407 crossed legs3277 desk3306 female1381873 garter belt3707 glasses63134 lace866 lingerie10672 milf9755 stockings33475 teacher959 thigh highs37247 underwear61682


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
"Considering how many different and often cringe-worthy synonyms that exist for the word 'cum', is there perhaps a class-specific thesaurus available for us to use, ma'am?"
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