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safe (1520719) artist:tjpones (2986) edit (110317) queen chrysalis (31253) oc (571972) changeling (37342) changeling queen (10283) earth pony (178762) pony (795313) ... (2106) changeling feeding (258) coronavirus (239) dialogue (56443) disinfectant spray (2) face mask (78) fangs (20206) female (844818) floppy ears (44667) grayscale (33837) monochrome (142200) onomatopoeia (2868) simple background (323594) surgical mask (111) white background (81253)


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
This reminds of a village doctor my dad used to visit, back when he was a child living in China. He was a total germaphobe who would always wash his hands with rubbing alcohol to kill the germs on his hands before eating his meals.

Ironically, it was this sanitary practice that ended up killing him, as he later gradually died of alcohol poisoning from the rubbing alcohol residue consumed as it transferred from his hands to his food.