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Original description:
Bat pony thread requests. Last batch.

Alternate source (/mlp/, censored)
explicit338066 artist:stoic5595 oc653428 oc only432054 oc:echo866 bat pony47160 pony920205 /mlp/9328 anatomically correct22907 anus93008 bat pony oc16144 bat wings8600 blushing189158 butt50277 crotchboobs20192 dock47426 fangs23905 female1319124 floppy ears49696 mare457061 nipples158227 nudity355673 on back23593 plot75798 ponut41651 requested art1296 simple background376640 slit eyes4349 slit pupils674 solo1031387 solo female175391 teats7515 underhoof49749 vulva122308 white background93355 wingding eyes21089 wings96687


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Background Pony #7941
Stoic's back! I wouldn't mind eating that bat soup, if you know what I mean.