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Taking advantage of a meme while it's still a thing.
He started tweeting about it a few days ago and the memes started from there.

The inevitable conclusion.
safe1557252 artist:lightningbolt813 derpibooru exclusive23862 pony828401 unicorn258476 .svg available7342 but why463 clothes401935 disguise3827 disguised siren440 fangs21619 horn40741 horn impalement367 jewelry49253 kellin quinn236 looking at you140842 male299693 necklace14802 part of a set9264 ponified37827 shirt20641 shrug1295 simple background338515 sitting53932 sleeping with sirens244 slit eyes3976 solo960577 stallion90606 svg3134 t-shirt3465 toilet1446 toilet paper321 tongue out88752 transparent background176433 underhoof46059 vector70635 🧻4


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