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Taking advantage of a meme while it's still a thing.
He started tweeting about it a few days ago and the memes started from there.
safe1559206 artist:lightningbolt813 derpibooru exclusive23940 earth pony192051 pony830123 undead1289 unicorn259263 zombie2051 zombie pony503 .svg available7351 angry23585 annoyed4974 bone2513 clothes402690 coronavirus689 covid-19685 disguise3835 disguised siren441 drop dead clothing157 duo48150 fangs21668 fort71 horn40910 horn impalement368 kellin quinn236 lip piercing913 looking at each other15882 looking down6548 male300082 oliver sykes241 part of a set9333 piercing34096 ponified37925 prone23001 scar10278 shirt20701 show accurate10207 simple background339245 sleeping with sirens244 slit eyes3989 stallion90776 stitches723 svg3134 t-shirt3476 toilet paper322 tongue out88961 transparent background176808 vector70662 🧻4


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