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With the few wonder if they were laughing at first of panic buying when retailers impose limits when security guards given powers to make an arrest or police are on patrol inside the store when cleaning out a store of its essential supplies could have reports online classified platforms would block the ad for the essential supplies when those are urged to donate the supplies in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Some people were buying up as much as they could just so they could turn around and sell it off to the highest bidder, beleiveing that there would be a high demand for toilet paper.
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@Lord You Know Who

In the mean time for the big screen movie experience you could go to a drive in theater. Unless I'm mistaken they should be perfectly safe with you being contained in your car.
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Put that TP down! Now!
@Lord You Know Who
Because that's just how long the trials and approval takes. There are multiple stages. The vaccine was developed faster than any before it, just 40 days, a world record. So we are technically getting it early, but 2021 is unfortunately as early as it gets.
Lord You Know Who
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Thankfully, I got hit with one of the weaker strains of Corona, so now I'm fully healed.

Also: it seems "Trolls: World Tour" and "Artemis Fowl" are gonna be the biggest hits of the April-May-June season, two movies no one would have guessed would have that honor.

That being said, I'm pretty sure a cure or a vaccine will be found by June.
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Obviously the only closing temporarily but the reason why they closed is because they were getting too many customers.
They were already only doing takeaways and marking the floor with tape