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Page 1351 — Guerrilla Filmmaking
14th Mar 2020, 6:00 AM

Author: GreatDinn

Guest Author's Note: "Sometimes, when you say the events that are happening in your RPG out loud, it really puts into perspective how goofy it all is. Doubly so if the game you are playing is utilizing a framework that brings to mind one image, and the game you are playing does not fit that image at all.

Of course, we only ever say it out loud when we've hit a point of 'Is this really happening?'

Any stories about those moments in your games?

(And as a comment about yesterday's comic and comments: I sincerely encourage discussion about this guest arc and the characters therein! Just make sure to keep it civil if someone disagrees with you.)"

MD: Okay! Sorry about that delay. Just had to work a few little things out. Let’s say a day has passed.
FS: Where did Twilight stay?
MD: Maybe she slept in the library? That’s not really that important. Twilight, I have great news. Your reputation at Canterlot High has spread. Everyone knows who you are.
Twilight Sparkle: <sigh> What terrible thing am I known for?
MD: A viral video showing how bad you are with human technology. A consequence of people seeing your Nat 1 from earlier.
AJ: What about the whole standin’ up to Sunset thing?
PP: Or running in the Fall Formal?
MD: People have heard about that too, and suspect Sunset might be spreading the video around. But Twilight’s mistakes are all her own in this.
FS: And we don’t even have the full group together yet…
Twilight Sparkle: I can’t believe I’m being cyberbullied in a game of D&D.
FS: If it helps, we could say Fluttershy let you sleep at her place.
Twilight Sparkle: I appreciate the gesture.
safe1749839 artist:greatdinn62 artist:newbiespud1461 edit135844 edited screencap67181 screencap227208 applejack173229 crimson napalm270 drama letter795 fluttershy217183 nolan north463 paisley758 pinkie pie220116 spike80483 watermelody1032 dog9855 comic:friendship is dragons1632 equestria girls206895 equestria girls (movie)7580 backpack2057 beret2009 book34487 clothes475729 collaboration5470 comic111437 computer6354 confused4886 cutie mark49689 cutie mark on clothes3203 dialogue67937 facedesk78 female1401305 freckles30099 hat90277 incomplete twilight strong65 laughing8291 library3281 locker206 male387788 sad25062 screencap comic4701 spike the dog2680 worried4027


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