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@Background Pony #2C70 self Flagellance, Rubbing the victim’s body with a chicken,Leeches,Consuming a spoon of crushed emeralds,Applying human excrement paste on the victim , Taking a bath in urine, Smear Yourself With Human Poop
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I'm a student in a relevant, medical field. I know that people instinctively hate a person for touching their own face, and this explains the """surprising""" hatred towards self-booping.
However: what the fuck does couch into elbows mean? Do you "couch" into both at the same time?
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This is something my boss has pointed out — this virus was spreading in Wuhan/China as early as December, possibly November, and there was travel between China and the US during that time period and several months following. Given that this was during flu season too, it's quite possible that a number of people had it and didn't even realize.
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"Couch into elbows"
So Zercher carrying a couch will keep me safe from the virus?
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I am totally going to get it because I get so ungodly bored holed up at my house all day

I'm not exactly a social butterfly but I do love my gym time

…though I think I might have already had it; back in mid-January my entire family got sick at exactly the same time with what we thought was a particularly nasty strain of the common cold
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