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safe1691149 artist:selenophile1013 princess celestia94367 princess luna98518 twilight sparkle298619 alicorn221602 pony952802 distracted boyfriend meme119 eyes on the prize5395 female1349020 grayscale37692 implied lesbian3405 implied shipping4935 implied twiluna91 lesbian95923 looking back56468 mare473468 meme81520 monochrome148692 shipping198201 silly7396 twilestia2522 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123044


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@Background Pony #91F5
From what i've read, it seemed they were just gonna teach twilight some stuff. This was back when Celestia was still called a Queen. We actually got to see Zecora (Shaman in the show bible), be a mentor for twilight when she was going against Trixie in Season 3.
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It's a bit funny because according to the MLP bible the original idea was Luna and Zecora being Twilight's mentors as far as I know instead of Celestia.
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