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I don't have many ways to really show it, but whenever I make stuff like this, I try to make them seem adult. Not a fan of foalcon but it's a bit hard to show "all grown up" with the pony models.

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explicit344226 artist:certedia67 oc668461 oc:apogee846 oc:delta vee582 pegasus282015 pony942890 3d73566 ahegao24062 animated97325 bedroom eyes58161 big penis10422 blowjob31197 creampie29814 cum77887 cum in mouth10341 cumming21629 deepthroat5224 domination1937 eyebrows2899 faceless female1717 female1340020 femsub10513 futa44878 futa delta vee10 futa on female11371 gag14210 gagging341 glowing eyes10925 horsecock66954 incest13336 intersex42780 lidded eyes29917 mare468384 mother and child2129 mother and daughter5745 nose wrinkle2945 nudity362616 offscreen character33202 older apogee4 open mouth140746 oral47827 oral creampie4924 oral penetration164 penetration56624 penis150244 pony on pony action204 pulsating44 rain5986 scrunchy face7026 sex118716 sound8549 source filmmaker44933 submissive16258 swallowing1884 swallowing cum38 throat bulge3553 throbbing692 tongue out101324 webm12823 wet7863


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SFM barely has any sort of fluid physics, I’ve never seen anyone animate with them. So you’d have to manually animate all the physics, which means you need a model capable of stretching in such a way. You can use particles, like Hooves-Art does but those don’t stick, they just fly into the air and disappear.
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I have to thank that in sfm liquids are so difficult to animate or we would not have animations where the character swallows without causing a mess
wonderful animation by the way
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Background Pony #E36F
Sucking cock on a rainy evening… Gosh, it sounds like absolute bliss
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