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safe1559205 artist:candyclumsy536 oc596250 oc:aerial agriculture42 oc:candy clumsy76 oc:earthing elements44 oc:tommy the human358 human140254 pegasus233745 comic:sick days32 blushing173254 blushing profusely1510 book30230 book bag13 butt25267 canterlot4863 canterlot castle1724 child1822 clothes402690 collar28303 comic100330 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 concerned732 confused4066 cute174115 cutie mark39768 dialogue59096 female883126 flank1125 fusion4340 fusion:aerial agriculture43 fusion:earthing elements43 galloping340 glasses54072 grandparent and grandchild moment37 grandparents58 hallway740 happy27185 hat75313 hug25143 human oc367 husband and wife1178 lantern1353 maid5206 male300082 nuzzles95 nuzzling3702 plot70547 pouring113 rain5530 sad22466 spanking2436 spectacles111 tail slap9 thicc ass695 window7108 wing hold325 writer:bigonionbean1039


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