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>>2204110 colored.
safe1558657 artist:johnjoseco4391 artist:king-kakapo1074 rarity168253 spike74299 human140205 alternate hairstyle23958 beautiful4546 breasts235711 busty rarity10785 cleavage30411 clothes402518 collaboration4701 colored17417 doll5744 dress39103 final fantasy1290 final fantasy x43 hair bun2815 hairpin1258 humanized93250 lulu (final fantasy)2 simple background339055 solo961772 toy20705


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he ate Good Eric
Pinkie has to be someone, so it might as well be the least appropriate person. Applejack fits as Wakka, being an athletic one with an accent who everyone else thinks is a redneck.
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Planeswalker — FoME
Reminds me of a line from From Equestria with Love.
I’ve heard Twilight’s stories. I promise you I was a very different pony when I was a rebellious teen! I was making risque garments of all sorts! I had an entire closet full of different impractical coats strewn with useless buckles and belts. I once made an entire skirt out of black belts simply because I thought I was pushing the limits of design. I wore it exactly once, then when I took it off I couldn’t get it back together. I eventually just had to bury it because it looked like a sad octopus.