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We got a 2nd and final part, everypony !

And what a surprise we have here. Tommy has visited Ponyville once again and accidentally found his u
"Uncle" :iconkhaki-cap: stuck in the fence as he's been overnight

What a cwoot way to end with the SUPER BOOTY THICC BOI Khaki-Cap in this comic here. Thanks a lot mate. Love it!! X3
safe1558282 artist:khaki-cap99 oc595788 oc:khaki-cap45 oc:tommy the human358 earth pony191812 human140183 pony829326 butt25199 butt massage26 clothes402382 comic100286 commission50173 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 cute173910 dawwww412 embarrassed9931 extra thicc537 facial markings83 fat ass222 fence2475 flank1125 hat75262 hill696 hoodie12009 human oc367 jacket10562 jean butt3 jean thicc9 morning775 muzzle414 nom2839 pants11916 petting1649 plot70531 pushing697 stuck2257 thicc ass695 uncle and nephew62 wide hips13426 writer:bigonionbean1039


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Emu War veteran..
Again these were the artists choice of words and not mine So I am not going to defend his indeed rather bizarre word choice.

Well still, a pony is a pony. We have seen other media of creatures/animals be sentient and still enjoy/react well to pleasure or relaxation of such still. Plus how would you pet a talking animated colorful pony without being akward or wierd?
You can't merely for the sake that it would be silly to go asking for its consent about every little angle you poked and would prod it merely to pet it. You'd assume just like Tommy that Khaki is just like any other equine and therefore has similar needs and soft spots to pet/massage.

Well when there is no human apart from yourself and the few ponies around you are your new adoptive family, one wouldn't be surprised if he called a certain few pones Uncle, Aunt or even Mom and Pa.

Yush, embrace the THICC!
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Its just sound very odd to walk up to your uncle and say "I'll rub your butt to sleep"

I know that it isn't weird to pet or rub a pony in real life, but this pony has human intellect and the kid calls him his uncle. If the kid just view him has a cute pony he wanted to pet it wouldn't have sounded so weird.

It doesn't really help either that his Butt is super thick.