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@Beau Skunky
Those fang (or is that other eye? Got a bit of brain stutter there) and lip look stupid IMO. And I’d like it "softer", like this (for example).

In case that "fang" is indeed the other eye, I guess my point is moot (and I apologise for previous post).
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Life is but a dream
Seeing this makes me want somebody to make a Sonic VS Rainbow Dash fan game in the style of "Sonic & Knuckles."

I don’t know, I have nothing against "Sonic X," but the Japanese version wasn’t much better then the english one in my opinion honestly. (Though, it was lame of them to take out the song "Live & Learn" sense Sega owns that song.) In fact, I thought the "Amy gets pestered by an annoying girl on the train" gag in the 5th episode was funnier in the dub version. (Because it edited out Amy’s thought dialogue, which made the upcoming gag more predictable in the Japanese version.)
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