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100% ground-up redraw of >>2209656

I felt as though Torque's card lacked personality, as well as detail, and thought I could absolutely do that face better. So, hit it with the old redo!


It's yet another card for Full Service Playing Cards Series 4! Woo!

A full gallery of the card art for Series 4 can be found right here! Look all y'want!

Please follow the information on THIS link if you would like to order your own physical for real deck of Full Service Series 4! (Or y'can always just buy a deck at a con for cheaper, if I'm there!)
suggestive136787 artist:lil miss jay2463 torque wrench235 earth pony229947 anthro249318 full service playing cards286 rainbow roadtrip1404 abs10445 absolute cleavage3123 big breasts77604 breasts264803 busty torque wrench26 cleavage33243 clothes441144 female1318314 gloves19067 grease44 hands on waist103 huge breasts36435 lipstick10546 looking at you159417 muscles11367 muscular female1492 oil397 panties48653 solo1030745 solo female175355 steam1780 sweat25063 toned289 toned female66 torque ripped2 underwear58760


not provided yet


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You are my sunshine~
Buff chicks are the greatest. I can't not worship that level of commitment to your physical health.

*Does not include muscles that are literally impossible. You know the ones. The kind of poorly-drawn, ridiculous muscles that result in a hilariously tiny head.