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Queen Chrysalis and Apple Jack is severly underrated and may just be one of my top ships of all time so here's their kids for the victoryverse Aphid and Ladybug (who i got in an art trade with Ditzydoggo THANK YOU FOR HER)

These two terrorize their older sister Cozy while shes not at her dad's house especially Lady, I'll do more on them and the rest of the victoryverse later but to sum it up all the mane 6 are paired with royalty in this gen
safe1687584 artist:eonionic50 oc672765 oc only441983 oc:aphid3 oc:ladybug26 changepony1040 hybrid18242 forked tongue1143 interspecies offspring7163 magical lesbian spawn11763 offspring38225 parent:applejack3816 parent:queen chrysalis1046 parents:chrysajack11 simple background387022 tongue out101995 transparent background199673 unshorn fetlocks24821


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