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@Wild Stallions

That can be said about almost anything, technically speaking, it’s impossible to even prove is anything besides yourself exists since any evidence you find could just be a hallucination. Of course most people believe that thighs besides themselves exist as that is orders of magnitude more likely and makes more sense.

The same can be said about the earth being round. Sure it could all just be a gigantic hoax perpetuated by the Illuminati who waste monumental amounts of resources just to maintain a lie they have no good reason to maintain, with them going so far as to forge massive amounts of seemingly scientifically/mathematically sound fake scientific material and incredibly detailed fake astronomy findings. And things like lunar eclipses could just be the result of some invisible second moon or a hologram. But those things are so incalculably unlikely that it makes much more sense justo to accept the earth is round

You can even prove the earth is curved by aiming a laser at a very far away target and seeing where it hits. in fact some flat earthers tried doing that in an effort to prove the earth is flat and they wound up disproving their own claims

Oh and I almost forgot. If the earth were flat thing like GPS, wifi, and long distance navigation wouldn’t be possible, so unless everyone in the travel and airport businesses is in on this world-wide conspiracy then the earth is most definitely round

I think it'd be a fun little experiment to have, say, a Republican presidential candidate run on a platform proclaiming all his or her faults and errors while also proclaiming the strengths of his or her Democratic opponent; and then see how the Democrats would respond.