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Thorax goes for Sunburst
safe1557238 artist:jargon scott2066 starlight glimmer43075 sunburst5684 thorax3950 changedling7136 changeling39166 pony828393 unicorn258472 adorable distress367 angry23514 candle4079 colored sclera570 comic100212 crack shipping3465 cup5409 cute173656 dinner228 eye contact6103 female881465 floppy ears45985 food59493 frown21372 gay24867 gay in front of girls384 glare7984 hand7663 jealous1121 king thorax2572 leaning3073 levitation10347 lidded eyes24775 looking at each other15843 magic64639 magic hands681 male299692 mare405219 open mouth120647 partial color4629 reeee208 shipping181732 simple background338513 smiling210737 smirk10699 spill250 spilled drink119 spit take408 squishy cheeks2044 stallion90606 tea2798 teacup2551 teary eyes3146 telekinesis24153 text49945 tissue523 trollax1 unamused13386 white background85002 wide eyes16036 window7092 yandere glimmer30


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Thorax: what’s wrong, sunburst?
Sunburst: I told you, I’m not gay
Thorax: crap, I don’t think this through. Hmm lightbulb ah-hah! shapeshifts into a female version of themselves with a large plot what about now?
Sunburst: starts drooling while the REEEing outside gets louder
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Look, a distraction!
Not sure if Thorax actually finds Sunburst attractive or is pushing Starlight by laws of scarcity. Demand for Starburst goes up, so does his value to Starlight, as there will only ever be one… well, unless she gives up and makes a clone for herself…maybe she already has one in her basement, actually.