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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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In another time of another Equestria, one were the Villains won, when the moon rules over the sun, the mane 6 are in relationships with ones that were once their enemies. Some are happy, some don't feel safe.

Bittersweet Family~ Tiny Apple Pixel Tiny Apple Pixel Tiny Apple Pixel

(from left to right) Lady Forest Enchanted Fae, Lord Crimson Apple Charm, Lady Crescenta (creepy) Mage Darkwood and Lord Stardust Jonagold Tale, children of Lady Starlight Glimmer and Lady Applejack (note: Starlight had a son with Sunburst, but he took the baby with him when they "disappeared"
safe1573387 artist:bunnari73 applejack158651 starlight glimmer43782 oc603805 oc:crescenta1 oc:crimson charm1 oc:darkwood1 oc:forest fae1 oc:stardust tale2 earth pony198268 pony844199 unicorn265431 clothes408307 colt13300 female897475 magical lesbian spawn10696 male304887 mare414670 offspring34311 parent:applejack3259 parent:starlight glimmer1138 parents:glimmerjack19 stallion92465


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