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Hailing from (Pony Brazil??) he emigrated to (Ponyville???) as he wanted to expand his horizons…only one problem, the ponies and other species there don't speak his language, and he doesn't speak theirs. Due to this issue, he's been unable to integrate into the society and hasn't been able to grab a decent job as he can't communicate with anyone, and has been tossed into minimum wage cleaning jobs, so life is tougher for him in his new home than it was back in his old one, and he doesn't have enough money to move back either. It's tough, but he's trying to keep positive, as hard as it is to get by when he can't talk to anyone and thus can't make friends.

More to be added to his backstory later.

Anyway, I wanted to do a griffon OC for years now due to how creative they can be, and I decided I wanted it to be a toucan griffon because I fell in love with toucans thanks to a youtuber i've watched a lot recently. He's a toco toucan mixed with an ocelot, as they're both rainforest animals. Also he speaks Portuguese and his name is also Portuguese.

I made an alt pose to show off open beak and tongue. :v
safe1658259 artist:lightningbolt879 derpibooru exclusive27058 oc654988 oc only432726 oc:tristão10 bird7787 griffon26062 ocelot15 toco toucan16 toucan82 .svg available8099 beak822 claws4867 folded wings5524 griffon oc1971 looking at you160064 male357146 open beak230 open mouth137268 paws4644 raised leg7360 simple background377479 solo1033057 spots600 spread wings52010 standing11522 svg3533 tongue out99156 toucan griffon17 transparent background195320 vector75031 wings97211


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