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safe1618299 screencap211172 cozy glow6740 lord tirek5147 queen chrysalis33418 centaur3075 changeling43086 pegasus258194 pony885788 the summer sun setback1050 bell3984 bow25902 bracer424 crown15183 evil grin4109 evil lair229 eyes closed84324 female1288173 filly61764 foal15120 grin34728 grogar's bell434 grogar's lair228 hair bow14189 holding2741 jewelry55478 lair245 legion of doom283 male344711 nose piercing2514 nose ring2028 piercing37083 regalia17746 smiling225079 tail bow5024 trio7751


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Background Pony #D75D
Chrysalis: "I would like to thank Grogar for the opportunity to explore the absolute bottom of my career as a villain."
Background Pony #BDDF
Chrysalis: "What have I done to be stuck with these two moronic imbeciles?"