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safe1751369 artist:shieltar383 princess celestia96787 princess luna100807 oc712449 oc:big mark78 oc:grace harmony190 alicorn232997 human159011 pony1011352 comic:birth of equestria254 bridesmaid80 cewestia1805 clothes476310 comic111517 dress46091 female1402633 filly69687 male388298 marriage1345 pink-mane celestia2632 straight140393 sweet dreams fuel1668 wedding1490 wedding dress1907 winged human92 woona5105 younger17766


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Background Pony #0E88
Cute to see them in dress! Grace is Beautiful in this dress and her two daughter are cute in dress! i am sure sweetie pie and florence are crying of happiness..mostly sweetie pie, and i am sure is florence who a made the dress for Tia and Luna
Background Pony #21EC
…he sold the house to pay for this wedding didn't he. It wasn't M.A.D.U. at all, it was a complete coincidence that the timing just lined up like that.