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Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
23 lights used in this scene (3 gobo)

Models used:
- Sunset Shimmer (compiled from multiple models):
ReVAmped models
Hair and tail

- Twilight Sparkle:
ReVAmped models
Sci-Twi Mane
Mirrored Mane

- Hoodies
- Boots
safe1597888 artist:imafutureguitarhero278 sci-twi22140 sunset shimmer58146 twilight sparkle285764 alicorn202125 pony867340 unicorn278042 3d66281 :j17 absurd resolution63862 adidas147 bipedal31182 blushing179489 boots19432 border164 chromatic aberration1374 clothes418766 colored eyebrows167 colored eyelashes319 cute183148 cutie mark hair accessory40 duo51501 equestria girls ponified4052 female1270980 film grain186 floppy ears46992 freckles25616 grin33880 hoodie12573 horn49183 leather949 leather boots188 lesbian91065 mare431568 multicolored mane1265 multicolored tail989 nose wrinkle2848 one eye closed26489 ponified38653 raised hoof39959 revamped ponies181 scitwilicorn543 scitwishimmer2063 scrunchy face6796 shimmerbetes4024 shipping185982 shoes31481 signature20123 smiling220612 source filmmaker40234 square68 sunsetsparkle4124 twiabetes10649 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117119 wall of tags2590 windswept mane2648 wings83712 wink22313


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