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Artist's description:

"An early birthday present for VanillaGhosties

"And A massive Thank you to people supporting my Patreon, and keeping my art alive! Y'all are amazing!
(Still Learning to work with lighting and form, and building and mixing my characters and landscapes)
I did some new techniques with this painting, and I'm certain that if you zoom in far enough you'll see spike as well.
Since I'm experimenting with brushes and values. I hope everyone enjoys! Feel free to share thoughts,
Or stuff I can improve on! It's always interesting to hear from everyone,"

"If you'd like to support me, Support me On my Patreon to help keep my work all possible. Every Little bit Helps to keep my art alive!"
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safe1690039 artist:auroriia317 sunset shimmer62312 twilight sparkle298429 alicorn221356 pony951711 unicorn316291 book33107 duo59669 female1347971 flower25241 gift art2683 glowing horn19288 horn64206 lake1516 magic72411 mare472979 prone25217 rain6028 reading6200 river1932 scenery7942 scenery porn829 signature23832 telekinesis27306 tree31780 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122965 umbrella2612


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