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Ponies and the Reading Rainbow theme song. Enough Said.
safe1727245 edit134209 edited screencap66200 screencap224438 fluttershy214896 pinkie pie218192 rainbow dash236204 spike79510 butterfly7192 a friend in deed811 mmmystery on the friendship express680 read it and weep676 season 12313 season 21926 season 42762 season 51597 tanks for the memories1467 the cutie mark chronicles976 bed41601 bedroom10606 book33936 bookshelf3606 cake9943 castle of the royal pony sisters745 cloud31335 comic book656 cute202932 daring do books43 dashabetes9511 diapinkes10172 female1381601 filly68222 filly fluttershy712 food71518 glow4472 golden oaks library5164 happy31718 hat88365 i'll fly35 library3262 lyrics1083 magnifying glass318 marzipan mascarpone meringue madness94 power ponies2763 reading6347 reading rainboom80 reading rainbow121 shyabetes14184 sky14551 so many wonders30 song1018 song reference3465 spikabetes2065 sun6798 surprised9420 text60517 text box55 theme song390 train2531 tree32858 younger17586


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