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Ponies and the Reading Rainbow theme song. Enough Said.
safe1556882 edit114746 edited screencap54062 screencap195359 fluttershy195897 pinkie pie201518 rainbow dash217367 spike74259 butterfly6203 a friend in deed674 mmmystery on the friendship express555 read it and weep600 season 1513 season 2297 season 42042 season 5584 tanks for the memories1361 the cutie mark chronicles849 bed35557 bedroom8142 book30180 bookshelf2995 cake8726 castle of the royal pony sisters673 cloud26651 comic book625 cute173501 daring do books34 dashabetes7773 diapinkes8405 female881093 filly58447 filly fluttershy538 food59464 glow3711 golden oaks library4438 happy27129 hat74760 i'll fly31 library2828 lyrics973 magnifying glass271 marzipan mascarpone meringue madness81 power ponies2574 reading5797 reading rainboom80 reading rainbow108 shyabetes11134 sky11507 so many wonders28 song870 song reference3021 spikabetes1761 sun5676 surprised7915 text49916 text box41 theme song317 train2184 tree26903 younger15482


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