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Lyra: Hey Bon Bon, how are you being tied up?

Bon Bon: (It was a bit painful, but I "love" it!)

M-Maybe I should stop doing these stuffs…
suggestive131048 artist:addmybasestofavs6 artist:boneswolbach370 artist:fantasia-bases27 artist:mlp-lolada68 artist:radiantrealm331 bon bon15578 lyra heartstrings28253 sweetie drops15583 earth pony211210 pony870260 unicorn279477 arm behind back5244 bdsm5960 bed37423 bedroom8921 blanket4852 bondage31040 bonsub8 cloth gag1344 female1274022 femdom7353 femsub9535 gag13282 glowing horn17300 hanging1648 horn49822 lesbian91181 levitation10913 lyrabon3130 lyradom1 magic67484 mare433325 open mouth127683 pillow16140 rope10511 rope bondage3399 shipping186403 show accurate11558 show accurate porn6120 submissive14433 suspended2622 telekinesis25180


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Nah mate don't stop with these if you still like doing them. They're pretty neat.
Lyra likes this situation as much as Bom Bon it seems :3