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Couple working together.

safe1614254 artist:cheezedoodle96822 edit122967 vector edit2610 gallus6169 silverstream5639 classical hippogriff4636 griffon25071 hippogriff8779 uprooted944 .svg available7826 alternate hairstyle25651 blue1187 clothes425402 crossed arms4535 cute186026 diastreamies1151 dream sequence28 duo52719 feathered fetlocks414 female1284939 flying35542 gallabetes820 gallstream363 goggles13366 griffon wonderbolt2 high res23309 hippogriff wonderbolt7 jewelry55173 lidded eyes28187 looking at you152319 male343331 necklace16385 non-pegasus wonderbolt9 paws4438 raised eyebrow6309 scene interpretation8100 shipping188168 simple background360611 smiling224256 smirk11549 spread wings49588 straight127698 transparent background186822 uniform9729 vector72566 wings87395 wonderbolt gallus2 wonderbolt silverstream7 wonderbolts3454 wonderbolts uniform5550


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Background Pony #ABA4
Before Gallus went on to serve as Princess Twilight's royal guard & Silverstream returned to teach at the School of Friendship?