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Finished YCH for LightningBolt.
Artwork done by moi MelodyTheArtPony.
Character(s) belong to rightful owner(s).

With blush edit:
source needed13032 safe1552911 artist:melodytheartpony280 bat pony42266 pony824855 bat wings5086 bust39060 clandestine industries109 clothes399912 commission49685 cute173229 ear fluff22439 fall out boy82 fangs21503 floppy ears45807 folded wings4344 hoodie11791 looking at you140219 male298457 pete wentz64 ponified37610 profile5239 simple background336899 slit pupils517 smiling209253 solo957626 stallion90149 striped mane92 transparent background175738 wings71632 ych result15647


not provided yet


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